Nigeria is heading towards anarchy – Abubakar

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Former minister of national planning, Professor Suleiman Abubakar has predicted doom for Nigeria because of the activities of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Abubakar frowned at the disrespect the Buhari government has for the judicial arm of government.

”I support Buhari’s intent to fight corruption. But I am against the methodology. I am against the procedures he is adopting.

‘The agencies he is using to fight corruption were set up by the PDP government. Obasanjo lost his credibility in fighting corruption because he used the anti-graft agencies to persecute opposition members.

”Buhari should fight corruption but the way and manner the EFCC is going about it suggests so many things,” Abubakar said. Abubakar alleged that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was an instrument in the hands of the government to harass opposition politicians.

His words: ”The EFCC is now an instrument in the hands of the government of the day to persecute the opposition. ”It shows the government of the day does not have respect for the basic rights of the Nigerian people and for the rule of law.

”It shows that it does not have respect for the judiciary. If people are found stealing, prosecute them in a transparent manner. Allow court rulings to hold sway. That is why we talk about separation of powers.

”But a situation where people are granted bail, but you do not allow them to go, is bad. It is not civil.

”A situation where people that participated in a campaign process of the former government are persecuted is unfair. Their images have been maligned. That is not war against corruption.

”This is the height of injustice. The country is heading towards anarchy. It is a global practice to collect money to prosecute elections.” Abubakar also queried the source of funds the All Progressives Congress (APC) used in prosecuting the 2015 presidential election.

He alleged that the president received looted funds from state governments in Lagos, Kano, Rivers and other states to prosecute the APC campaign. Abubakar also spoke on the ongoing trial of Senate president, Bukol Saraki who is from Kwara state like him. According to the former minister, Saraki’s trial is mere persecution.

”If Saraki had agreed not to become the Senate President, would they have done this to him? If he had agreed to key in the principal officers they wanted, would they have done this to him? You do not do this kind of political persecution and you want people to respect such a programme?”

It will not last, Abubakar concluded. Meanwhile, popular Enugu monarch, Igwe Hafford Agana has berated President Buhari for going after his political opponents in the fight against corruption, adding that the president is only chasing shadows.

First published on: Naij, 06.07.16

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